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Welcome to Lakeview Executive Golf Course in Pahrump, Nevada, where the rugged beauty of the desert meets the leisure of golfing. Prepare for a unique round amidst the arid landscapes and stunning vistas of this desert oasis.

As you explore Lakeview Executive Golf Course, be captivated by the slow and steady movement of the desert tortoises, the gentle presence of wild burros grazing along the fairways, and the majestic sight of golden eagles soaring high above. Keep an eye out for the elusive rattlesnakes basking in the sun, adding a touch of wild charm to your golfing adventure.

Lakeview Executive Golf Course is not just a golf destination—it's a sanctuary for local wildlife. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in our course design, which provides essential habitats for diverse desert wildlife populations. These habitats not only enhance the natural beauty of the course but also contribute to the ecological balance of the area.

Water is sustainably collected from the Pahrump Basin, sourced from groundwater, we ensure the preservation of this vital resource while implementing responsible water management practices to maintain the delicate balance of the environment.

Immerse yourself in the golfing experience at Lakeview Executive Golf Course, where each swing is accompanied by the rugged beauty of Pahrump's desert wildlife. Enjoy a round that transcends the game, creating lasting memories amidst the natural wonders of Lakeview Executive Golf Course.



1471 East Mount Charleston Drive South, Pahrump, NV 89048 | Reservations: 775.727.4040|